Anonymous said: hurry up and do this with me TUMBLR SUMMER DIET xDOTx COM

Cool story bro.  Go on…

Anonymous said: Thank you for your help about the international test. Do you know if there is one in Canada? I know they have the 'red seal' but only applies to the country.

As far as I know, Red Seal is the only real certification in Canada for chefs.

Anonymous said: Is there such thing as an international test to become a certified cook?

Yes, from the American Culinary Federation.  There are actually 5 levels:

  1. Certified Culinarian
  2. Certified Sous Chef
  3. Certified Chef de Cuisine
  4. Certified Executive Chef
  5. Certified Master Chef

You can read about it or watch videos about it here:  Certified Master Chef from the American Culinary Federation.

I think there are only around 60 or so Certified Master Chefs in the world.  Honestly, it’s kind of a waste of time and money to do the exams.  You don’t need them to be a chef.

I’ve gotten a lot of questions about whether I’m back on Tumblr, since people are seeing my comments and likes again, I suppose.

Yes, I am, but I’m only posting from one blog:

Come follow my new story in my new country.  :)

My last blog post was March 9th.


There was just so much going on.  We opened a restaurant, closed a food truck, and I worked on immigration paperwork.

I’ve thought about you guys fairly often, though.  I peeped onto Tumblr after Boston to make sure everyone was ok.

And then, last night, I decided I would blog my experiences opening a brand new restaurant in a brand new country, starting today.  

Since everything is new, the URL will be, too.  You’re invited to follow at

And drop me a line there to let me know how you’ve all been doing!


Day 6,754. 


Day 6,754. 

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Super Fun Food Adventures: Hamburger With Egg White Buns



Sometimes only a hamburger will do, if you like hamburgers. Pastured ground beef cooked into a patty with all the fixings. Paired with baked sweet potato shoestring fries and homemade smoked paprika aioli. The buns I made are egg white buns from the cookbook, Paleo Indulgences. They are just…

I made sushi.


It tasted just like the real thing.

I should probably retire now.

I made sushi.


It tasted just like the real thing.

I should probably retire now.

RAW dinner #2 = one of my favorite things I’ve ever eaten EVER.  So much flavor.

Live wrap by Ezekiel, topped with my dad’s homemade hummus, guac, and vegan “mayo” (blended nuts, garlic, lemon, and herbs), salsa, mixed greens, sweet peppers, and apples.  Side of strawberries.

First full day of RAW foods.  I mean, I have no plans to change my meat-eating-chef ways, but seriously, this stuff is delicious.

Breakfast:  raw organic (and local!) flax cracker with organic hummus, cucumber, red bell pepper, and red onion.  With Strawberry Kombucha.

Lunch:  peach, strawberry, banana, flax seed, and coconut milk smoothie.

Snack:  more flax crackers (I seriously love flax), hummus, and Kombucha.